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A Global Event To Remember

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There’s no shortage of musical icons that call Brooklyn home, during the live stream Brooklyn’s own and friends will take the stage to perform and keep the party going until we Raise The Ball at midnight.
Live Stream viewers will experience a 3-hr  broadcast from the comfort of their home. 


Talent Search Winner

Brooklyn Salute To Heroes

We will also spotlight pillars of the community, organizations, and initiatives that not only make the borough great but work hard to ensure that Brooklyn keeps rising.

The show will also feature pre-recorded vignettes of Educators, Healthcare Professionals, and Business Professionals who will share stories from the front lines, as well as information and resources to help our community survive COVID-19.


Brooklyn Rising Baby

In partnership with Brooklyn hospitals, we will celebrate the first baby born in Brooklyn after the clock strikes midnight.

During the live stream, the host will acknowledge the sponsor and their contribution to getting this child off to a great start in life.

December 31, 2020

About Brooklyn Rising

Brooklyn Rising is a history-making project developed by James Hill, designed to give Brooklyn its own New Year’s Eve event.

The Rising Ball is poised to be second only to the Brooklyn Bridge as a symbol of the borough’s renewed prominence. In stark contrast to Times Square, the Brooklyn Ball will rise, representing the growth and prosperity across the city of Brooklyn and the greater NYC.

"Brooklyn Rising is a new event with ancient roots"

Why Raise The Ball?

Raising the Ball is symbolic of the rise of the borough, and that Brooklyn never drops the ball. In true Brooklyn fashion, it breaks the old rules and builds towards a shining new future. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ball rising has taken on an even greater meaning, one that is global. 2020 has been a trying year for many across the world. The Brooklyn Ball Rising is hope, a light at the end of the tunnel, an oath we take together as a united front. A new united Brooklyn will raise the ball in a big way, as we usher in a new era. Nothing good ever came from dropping the ball, so let's raise the ball and toast to a new year.